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Whether you are recovering from an injury or want to train your whole body more efficiently for optimum health, fitness and performance, Pilates can help you attain your goals.

Having worked as a Physiotherapist for over 20 years, I bring my skills in analysing movement, my knowledge of pathology and exercise prescription to choose Pilates exercises for my clients. I have found Pilates classes to be an excellent form of exercise for men and women of all ages, independent of fitness level.

My findings from a study of clients with low back pain, doing Pilates classes for the first time, showed a 67% improvement of back function after ten weeks. Pilates can also help following Orthopaedic surgery, improve standing balance and flexibility and help ladies to tone up after childbirth.

As so much attention is placed on the correct body position, improved posture is a given benefit - a real help in today’s reliance on smart phones and tablets! Pilates develops mental focus to switch on the correct muscles and breathe - which not only improves strength and body balance but also helps with relaxation.

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Matwork is essentially exercises performed on the ‘mat’ based on Joseph Pilates original repertoire. The Pilates method is learnt from the easiest level first and then progressed through to advanced exercises once adequate control of the body is achieved. Various small equipment is used during the classes such as weighted balls, theraband, foam roller and the magic circle. These props help with muscle strengthening, stretching, agility and balance.  Standing exercises like squats and lunges are incorporated into the program as they help us train for specific sports and are healthy for our bones.

Pilates not only improves core stability but also works the mind. Concentration and mental focus are used to firstly engage the core and then, secondly, to maintain the alignment and control whilst performing the movements. Mindfully getting 'inside the muscles' can actually help them to strengthen. Practising Pilates regularly can help us get a better body awareness, so we can recognise poor posture, mal-alignment and correct our muscle imbalances. This is how doing Pilates can help with recovery from sports injuries, neck or back pain.

Two of the main principles of Pilates are breathing and flow. Flowing movement fully integrates the body, mind and spirit and being aware of the breath can help with stress relief.

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The Pilates reformer is a piece of equipment designed by Joseph Pilates himself, dating back to the 1920’s in the original Pilates studio in New York. It is essentially a bed with a sliding carriage and springs, ropes and pulleys. It can be great way to enhance or progress your matwork, giving excellent feedback to the muscles and joints. One to ones on the reformer can be arranged upon request.



I recommend that every new member to my classes has a one to one first even if they have done Pilates before. Being able to engage the core muscles is a skill which needs individual teaching and lots of practice. 

During the hour, I can determine which areas of the body needs more focus, provide some home exercises to practice and choose which level of class will be most appropriate. A questionnaire is filled out online with your health details and your goals and a physical assessment is done using my Physiotherapy expertise.

This enables my classes to be thoughtfully planned and exercises modified to suit each individual.






Pilates Classes are payable in blocks of six or 12 classes.  Classes now vary in price between £12 and £13 depending on the venue and class size. One class is given free if you pay for a block of 12.
Pilates one to ones are £56.

Refunds and Cancellations


There are no refunds for missed classes unless there are exceptional circumstances.  If you are on holiday you have the opportunity of a pre-recorded zoom class. Paying for a block of 12 also gives you a free class which helps with holidays. You can also make up a class you have missed if you are unwell if there is a space in another class at some point in the term.

Thursdays 6.00‑6.50pm

Mixed ability Mat Class, beginners welcome

Hiltingbury Sports Hall,

Hiltingbury Road,

Chandler's Ford, Eastleigh

SO53 5NP

Thursdays 7.00‑7.50pm

Intermediate / Advanced Mat Class

Hiltingbury Sports Hall
Hilitingbury Road,
Chandler's Ford, Eastleigh

SO53 5NP

Thursdays 10.00-10.55

Mixed ability Mat class, beginners


Portswood Residents Gardens

16B Abbots Way


SO17 1QT

Thursdays 9.00am‑9.55am

Mixed ability Mat Class, beginners welcome 

Portswood Residents Gardens

16B Abbots Way


SO17 1QT

Tuesdays 9.30‑10.25am

Intermediate Mat Class

Highfield Church,
Highfield Lane,
SO17 1RL



Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

PHONE NUMBER: +44 7403 224945


Pilates classes are held in Highfield, Portswood and Chandler’s Ford. 

Physiotherapy, CranioSacral Therapy and one-to-one Pilates are at Laura’s home in Bassett, Southampton. The address is given when making an appointment.

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