It is so lovely to welcome our Physiotherapy clients for hands-on assessment and treatment in our home in Bassett, Southampton.

Online services

We are currently offering two Pilates classes online on Thursdays at 9 am and 6 pm.  If you are interested in joining an online class please contact us for details of how to join via zoom.  If you haven't done Pilates before, you will need a few one to one first to grasp the basics before going to a group online class. 


We will continue to provide online/virtual Physiotherapy for clients who have any high risk factors for Covid-19, anyone who would prefer an online consultation or who live in another city.  There has been resounding positive feedback from our clients who have used this video conferencing service to self-manage their pain, by following our advice and detailed exercise prescription. There is also the flexibility of mixing face to face appointments with online consultations. Exercise prescription and correction can just as easily be done virtually leaving the face to face appointments for in-depth assessments and hands on treatment or acupuncture.

Face to face appointments for Physiotherapy

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) in collaboration with Physio First and Public Health England have given Physiotherapists guidelines to enable us to see clients face to face. Prior to making an appointment we will screen you for risk factors, discuss your preferences and advise you accordingly. Do see the Flow Chart provided by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (at the end) which helps govern our decisions.

Following a risk assessment, we have put lots of measures in place to help reassure you of our commitment to your safety.

1) Screening

  • Prior to making a face to face appointment all clients will be screened to ensure that they or their family do not have symptoms of Covid-19.  On arrival, clients will be asked again if they are well and their temperature will be taken.

  • Questions will be asked to determine whether the client has any high risk factors for getting Covid-19. Those classified as 'clinically extremely vulnerable' or who have previously been shielding will be encouraged to have virtual appointments unless there is an urgent need that cannot be helped with online services.


2) Staggered appointments and social distancing


  • Firstly, there will only be one client in the clinic room (within a private house) at one time. The main exception to this will be if there is a child under the age of 16 who will be accompanied by one parent or guardian. Clients will be asked to stay in the car and wait to be called into the house; we will open the door when it is your appointment time and not before.

  • During the consultation, when you are not receiving hands on treatment, we will observe the 2 metre distance. As ventilation is so important, the window will be open (don’t worry the room will still be properly heated).


3) PPE

  • For all face to face consultations, your Physiotherapist will be wearing appropriate PPE which will be a mask, apron, gloves and face visor will be risk assessed. We would ask that you will also wear a mask.  We will provide you with one at the door if you do not have one.


4) Hand Hygiene and toilet


  • Your Physiotherapist will wash her hands before and after each appointment and use hand sanitiser, following government best practice infection prevention and control guidelines. 

  • Before and after your appointment we would ask you to use the hand sanitiser provided by the front door. We would be incredibly grateful if you could go to the toilet before leaving your house so that our toilet (which is accessed by walking through other areas of the house) is not used unless extremely necessary.

  • Please keep your hands close and avoid touching anything to minimise transmission risk.



5) Payment

  • You will receive an invoice electronically with details of how to pay by bank transfer. No cash please.  If neither of these work for you, please let us know. 


6) Cleaning

  • After your visit, the clinic room and all the equipment used will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.  We will allow time in the diary to ensure this cleaning is done before seeing another client.

Pilates in person classes

Exercise classes in Covid secure premises are currently exempt from the six rule. Our in-person classes have between 5 and 10 participants depending on the venue.  All members are socially distanced 2 m between mats and correction is given verbally only.  All equipment needs to be the client's own as none is shared between clients for safety.  Please see the schedule for current times and be aware that the in-person classes may default to online if numbers increase considerably or as recommended by the government. Class times here


Thank you for your support and understanding at this unprecedented time. Please keep checking social media and the website for updates as the situation is changing all the time.



Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

PHONE NUMBER: +44 7403 224945

EMAIL: laura@enrichtherapies.com

Pilates classes are held in Highfield, Chandler’s Ford and Empress Road Industrial Estate, Southampton

Physiotherapy and one to one Pilates is at Laura’s home in Bassett, Southampton. Address given when making an appointment.

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